Self-Care for Mental Health

For youth in grades 6 and up, this engaging workshop discusses the importance of caring for our mental health.

  • We book these sessions on a rolling basis throughout the school year

Self-Care for Mental Health is a single-session, in-person workshop that invites youth to identify and prioritize ways to take care of their mental wellbeing. Available at no cost to schools and youth organizations across Vancouver, Burnaby and the North Shore this workshop is geared for grades 6 to 12.

Format & Facilitators:

This 70 to 90-minute session is facilitated by trained Youth Educator Volunteers, who speak about mental health and self-care from their lived experience.

It includes interactive activities, videos, games and discussions, and aims to normalize mental health conversations, to inform teens of local youth resources and crisis lines, and to destigmatize help-seeking in times of struggle.

Topics include:

We all have mental health, what is self-care, brainstorming of ideas, the importance of balance, as well as boundaries and limits around unsupportive habits, social media and screen time.

Participants are invited to create their own personalized “self-care plan” and identify supports available in times of crisis or need.

This workshop will provide a common understanding of mental health and allow youth to identify what influences and supports their own wellbeing personally.

Over 80% of youth participants consistently indicate they learned something useful and find the presenters engaging.

Student Testimonials:

“It normalized something that has a big stigma around it and offers good resources to get help if you are going through hard times.”

“I liked how they make it not awkward talking about a sensitive subject, and gave us some very important information that could 100 percent help in the long run.”

Teacher Testimonials:

“I love that this is practical and applicable to teenagers. They leave with ideas they can put into action, and also know they are not alone. I like identifying the unknown weight that sometimes students don’t know how to describe. The presenter’s personal connection to the topic — made it important and real.”

“Good pace, inclusive, a great range of ways to engage the students. Love the honesty of addressing what to do when self care isn’t enough. Facilitators were fantastic and the students really related to their down-to-earth, clear, relaxed approach. They were engaged and felt very listened to and welcome.”


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Our Impact The topic and word "suicide" is not so scary after taking a training from the Crisis Centre of BC. I'm grateful to have been here today, and am hopeful that I can help people in the future. safeTALK participant, Agassiz